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About Pellexo
Fuel Handling & Storage
Pellexo, our brand of eco friendly, carbon neutral, bio-pellets
Pellexo Background Pellexo Background
Minimal amount of fines. Therefore, no dust generation during unloading & loading operations
No fire hazard as self ignition point of Pellexo is more than 400 °C
Does not produce fumes and smoke in storage yard unlike coal & lignite
Fuel storage area remains clean & safe
Fuel Conveying System
Can be conveyed through existing conveyer mechanism
As fuel dimensions are in line with FBC boiler requirements, no crushing is required unlike coal & lignite, which results in saving of crushing cost
No metallic impurities
Zero or minimal dust during fuel conveying process
Can be directly fed to the fuel bunker through vaccuum system, thereby reducing fuel conveying process cost
Lower moisture content reduces chances of boiler PA line choking
Boiler Furnace Area
Uniform firing
Less fluctuation in bed temperature
100% combustion can be achieved with optimum air supply setting
Less ash content in fuel reduces bed drain frequency
As sulfur content in fuel is negligible, stack temperature can be reduced below 140 °C
High boiler efficiency can be achieved
Ash fusion temperature is more than 1200 °C, therefore chances of clinker formation negligible
Due to less ash content & less fines, cleaning frequency of boiler can be reduced
Pollution Control Equipment
Reduced load on pollution control equipment
Reduced frequency of cleaning of equipment
Low SOx emission
Helps meet environmental norms
Working Environment
Clean, dust free and smoke free working environment
Auxillary cost can be saved by avoiding fuel crushing
Maintenance cost of equipment can be reduced
Labor cost can be reduced
Benefit of CDM can be availed
Corporate Image
Reduction in carbon footprint
Image of socially responsible and environment friendly company
Preference from international companies looking for environmentally conscious suppliers/ partners
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