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Pellexo Background
FAQs on Pellets
Pellets Technical Questions
Pellexo Background Pellexo Background
What is Pellexo?
Pellexo is Abellon's brand of carbon neutral, eco-friendly, biopellets. It is a powerful replacement to conventional fossil fuels (like coal, lignite) and widely utilized in boilers, furnaces and kilns, across various industries.
What are the sources of raw material for Pellexo?
Pellexo is made from leftover saw mill waste and agricultural residue. These sources are a sustainable and renewable form of bioenergy, symbolizing value generation from waste.
Are there any chemicals or gluing agents in the product?
No. Pellexo is manufactured through high temperature and pressure as the raw material is extruded through a die. The natural lignin found in the wood itself acts as a binder when exposed to high temperature and pressure.
Are there any impurities in the fuel?
No. The biomass raw material passes through various pretreatment processes like screening, washing, drying etc., to remove unwanted impurities in the fuel.
How is Pellexo carbon neutral?
Pellexo is made from leftover saw mill waste and agricultural residue. These sources have a renewal period of 6 months to 1 year and, therefore, they form a closed carbon cycle with the atmosphere. As the biomass source grows, CO2 is absorbed from the atmosphere and when it is burned the same amount of CO2 is released, making Pellexo ‘carbon neutral’.
In which proportion can Pellexo be used?
Pellexo can either completely replace coal/lignite or be co-fired with these fuels. The proportion in which Pellexo can be used varies with parameters such as plant set up and fuel type.
In what kind of systems can Pellexo be used?
Pellexo can be used in various heating systems such as boilers, thermic fluid heaters, hot air/ water generators.
Does use of Pellexo require changes in existing set up?
Use of Pellexo requires no/minimal changes in existing set up.
When Co-firing with Pellexo, is it possible to switch fuels without stoppage?
Yes. Fuels can be switched directly without stopping the system.
Does use of Pellexo generate dust?
No. Pellexo is available in 6/8 mm diameter and 15-30mm length. This size is compatible with the fuel feeding system, which eliminates the need for crushing, and therefore, the possibility of dust generation.
What are the positive effects on the environment of replacing coal with Pellexo?
Replacing coal with Pellexo significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions as well as other local pollutants such as SOx, NOx and SPM resulting in significantly improved workspace and surrounding environment meeting Pollution Control Obligations and branding organizations as clean, green and environmentally responsible.
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