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About Pellexo
Energy plays a major role in economic growth of emerging countries such as India. High economic growth and rapid industrialization are resulting in an exponential growth in energy
Pellexo, our brand of eco friendly, carbon neutral, bio-pellets
Pellexo Background Pellexo Background

As global demand for energy continues to rise, energy security, higher dependence on conventional fossil fuels, global issues such as climate change & global warming concerns become ever more important.

To provide solid economic growth and to maintain levels of economic performance, there is a need for rapid transition to a low-carbon, sustainable, efficient and environmentally benign energy system based on renewable resources.

Bio-energy is one of the most versatile forms of low carbon and renewable energy generation, which provides triple bottom line benefits affecting social, economic and environmental sectors. Biomass-pellets - a densified and refined form of biomass, is a promising solution for rapid and easy replacement to conventional fossil fuels..
A powerful replacement to conventional fossil fuels such as coal across industries, community heating, and residential segments. Can also be co-fired with coal in power plants.
A value from waste product: made from leftover saw mill waste and agricultural residue.
Capable of addressing a multitude of issues including energy dependence, global warming, and larger global social development concerns.
Helps in reducing carbon footprint and also leads to positive effects on other key parameters including safety, local environment, cleanliness and overall plant efficiency.
Our Products

Pellexo – Gold is a premium product offering the key benefits of higher calorific value, lower ash content and low moisture content resulting in excellent quality and consistency.

It is manufactured at Abellon's state of the art manufacturing facility designed to meet the highest European manufacturing standards.

Pellexo – Green is a sustainable and cost effective substitute to conventional fossil fuels. It can help industries successfully meet their emission obligations, without incurring the significant additional expenses on infrastructure required by other renewable alternatives, as well as maintain a clean and hygienic work environment.
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