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FAQs on Pellets
Pellets Technical Questions
Pellexo Background Pellexo Background
What is Pellexo?
Pellexo is Abellon's brand of carbon neutral, eco-friendly, biopellets. It is a powerful replacement to conventional fossil fuels (like coal, gas) and is widely utilized in the residential sector for home heating, cooking and community heating purposes.
Where is Pellexo Manufactured?
Pellexo is manufactured at Abellon's own manufacturing facility in Canada as well as other locations in North America.
Are there any chemicals or gluing agents in the product?
No. Pellexo is formed through high temperature and pressure as the raw material is extruded through a die.
Where can I use Pellexo Bianca and Pellexo Platinum?
Both Pellexo Bianca and Pellexo Platinum are perfectly suitable for home heating, cooking and community heating purposes.
What packaging sizes are Pellexo Bianca and Pellexo Platinum available in?
Pellexo Bianca and Pellexo Platinum are available in 15 kg bags.
From where can I get Pellexo?
Pellexo is currently available through our distribution partners/dealers across various locations in Italy.
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