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About Pellexo
Pellexo, our brand of eco friendly, carbon neutral, bio-pellets
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Pellexo, our brand of eco friendly, carbon neutral, biomass pellets, is a refined and densified biomass fuel allowing remarkable consistency and burn efficiency at substantially lower particulate emissions.

Made from pine wood, Pellexo is a powerful replacement to conventional fossil fuels, capable of addressing a multitude of issues including energy dependence, global warming, and larger global social development concerns.

Pellexo is a versatile product that can be used across industries, community heating, and residential segments.
For Retail Market
Pellexo-Bianca is a superior quality product made in Canada using sustainably sourced high quality yellow and white pine wood. It is the perfect choice for small and medium scale heating purposes, especially in the residential segment.
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Pellexo-Platinum is a premium product manufactured in Canada using sustainably sourced high quality pine wood. It is ideal for home heating, cooking and community heating purposes.
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For Industrial Market
Industrial Pellets

A high quality product perfectly suitable for industrial applications such as process boilers and thermal power plants. The product meets all industrial pellet standards.
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